About Us


The Bankston family has been in business for over 40 years. Rodney and Kay Bankston started Bankston Tire and Appliance in the early 70's. The business flourished under their leadership and when their sons Brent and Brad started to show interest in business they knew that they had the beginning of something unique. With the Tire and Appliance store still in full swing, Rodney realized that if anything was to ever "happen" to him, that a mother and two children could not continue to run the existing business. So in the early eighties as the boys got older and showed interest collecting, a natural business started to evolve. 
In 1985, Bankston's Used books was opened with a small comic and sports card selection in the store. Mostly hardback and paperback books at the time. Meanwhile the collectible industry was poised to explode as both comic books and baseball cards started to blossom. Brent and Brad fervently enjoyed the business and applied the same, character driven"customer first" attitude they were taught at the Tire and Appliance store to the their new business. Now, all these years later, we have Bankston's Sports Cards & Comics as well as Austin Books & Comics that staff good,friendly, knowledgeable people to continue on the tradition started all those years ago by Rodney and Kay Bankston. pow-1601674_1920-1024x768.png